It is highly recommended to follow the guides below at least every couple of weeks

Perform a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Your computer may get malware/spyware/adware on it over time. Your work life will be much easier if you are able to stay on top of it before too much gets on your computer and rendering it unusable during normal daily tasks.

Clean Out Your Downloads folder

Every file you download is placed in your Downloads folder. Over time, this gets extremely cluttered and can be both an annoyance to sort through while filling up your computer’s hard drive with things you no longer need.

Run Windows Update

Keeping your computer up to date allows it to remain secure and makes sure that you can run the programs you need.

Clear Your Browser’s Cache & Cookies

Your browser gets temporary files when visiting sites. These get cleared out automatically but some are set to not be automatically removed or are not removed due to some other circumstance. Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies allows your browser to remain secure and operate without major slowdowns.