It is highly recommended to clear out your downloads folder at least once a month, preferably every couple of weeks.

First, click on the folder icon in your taskbar located in the bottom left hand side of your screen.

In the folder window, you will see Quick Access on the upper left. You may need to click the chevron for the list to show up. Anytime you are in the file window, you can access your downloads folder from the Quick access list by clicking on it

To delete all of the files in the downloads folder:

Hold Control on your keyboard and press the A key. This will select all of the files in the Downloads folder. You can then right click on any file name and choose Delete

This will delete all files in the Downloads folder. Please check the list to make sure there are no files that you need.

To delete only specific files in the downloads folder:

You can right click on each file individually and choose delete.

None of this helped me!

If the above does not help, please submit a ticket or call us at 1-866-904-4332.