In order to gain extra protection for your email account, we recommend turning on 2-Step Verification by following the steps below.

While signed into your email account, click on your email address in the top right of the window. In the resulting mini window, click on My Account.

In the next window, click on Sign-in & Security.

You may need to scroll down on this screen. 

When you get to Signing in To Google, click on 2-Step Verification

Now click on Start Setup.

Here you will want to enter your cell, home, or work phone number. Then choose if you want to recieve a text message or an automated voice call every time you log in from an untrusted computer. Once done, click on Send Code

Enter the number you received and click on Next

You can choose to set the computer you are on as a permanently trusted computer. This way if you don't have your phone or have lost it, you can still access your email from this computer only. Do not do this on computers others use whom you do not trust. Click the checkmark if you want to trust the computer your on, and click Next.

Read this and then click Confirm

On the final screen, make sure it says "On" in green. You have now setup 2-Step Verification.

None of this helped me!

If the above does not help, please submit a ticket or call us at 1-866-904-4332.