Common Desktop Keyboard:


Common Laptop Keyboard:

To take a screenshot, you can press the PrintScr (Print Screen) button on your keyboard. For most common desktop keyboards, the Print Screen key is on the right of F12. On laptops, the Print Screen button usually shares a key with Insert

You can paste the screenshot anywhere you want. For example, you can create an email and paste the screenshot into the email itself by right clicking on the body, and choosing paste from the menu that appears.

If you need the screenshot in its own file, you can hold the Windows key in the bottom left hand side of your keyboard and press R. 

In the little window that appears, type in "mspaint" without quotes and click on OK

In the new window that appears, click on Paste in the top left or hold the Control key on your keyboard in the bottom left and press V.

Then go to File in the top left, and hover your mouse over Save As, then choose JPEG Picture

Name your file, make sure it says Save As Type: JPEG and click on save. You have now taken a screenshot and either sent it in an email or saved it as a file.

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