How to Create a Contact Group

Log into your email and then click on the word Mail in the top left of the window and choose Contacts from the list.

On the left, choose the section you want to grab contacts from. Then check each person you want to add to your new group. Once all are selected that you want, click on the Group icon at the top, and choose Create New from the list.

Enter a name for you group and click on OK.

The group you made will appear in the list on the left.

How to Add a Contact to a Group

To add a contact to an existing group, such as the one setup in the steps above, first find the contact that you want to add. Once you have found them, check the checkbox by their name and then click on the groups icon at the top. From the list, choose your group name that you want to add them to.

You can then see the contacts in that group by clicking the group name on the left hand side.

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