Finding Disk Cleanup On Windows 8
(Windows 7 below)

Right click on the start menu button at the lower left hand side of your screen, a menu should appear that looks like this. Click on Control Panel.

Make sure that View By is set to one of the icons options. Then in the list look for and click on Administrative Tools.

In the new window that comes up, double click on Disk Cleanup. Then follow the steps below in the When You Have Found Disk Cleanup section.

Finding Disk Cleanup On Windows 7

Click on your Start Menu and choose All Programs.

Click on Accessories.

In the list, click on System Tools followed by Disk Cleanup.

Using Disk Cleanup

You may see a window similar to this. It may take a couple of minutes before it finishes and brings you to the main window.

Once you are at this main window, make sure that Recycle Bin, Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, Temporary Files, and Thumbnails are selected. You may have to scroll down to find them all.

When those options are checked, click on OK. A popup window will as you if you are absolutely sure, click on Delete Files. This process may take a couple of minutes, but once it's done, you have completed Disk Cleanup.

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