Finding Disk Defrag in Windows 8 

(Windows 7 below)

Click on the Start Menu.

Immediately start typing "defrag" (Without the quotes) and on the top right you will see this. Click on the colorful defrag icon.

Find Disk Defrag on Windows 7

Click on the Start Menu and choose All Programs.

Click on Accessories

Click on System Tools and then Disk Defragmenter.

Using Disk Defragmenter

Before doing anything, check the Current Status column. If it says 0%, then there is nothing to be done. If the percentage is higher than 0%, click on Analyze. If the percent is still higher then 0%, click on Optimize. Optimizing can take quite some time. If you leave your computer on alot, you can click on Change Settings and give the defragmenter a regular time when the computer is on and no one will be using it. Otherwise, it will run on its own when it detects long periods of inactivity.

None of this helped me!

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