Start by opening Google Chrome. This can be found on your desktop, start menu, or on your taskbar with an icon that looks like a beach ball.

When Chrome has started, type "adblock plus chrome" (without quotes) into the URL bar at the top of the browser. This will let you perform a Google search instead of first having to go to Then choose the option in the list that specifically says "Adblock Plus - Chrome Web Store - Google". Any other option will more then likely not be what you want.

On the next page, click on Add To Chrome

You will get a popup that looks like this. Click on Add.

If your screen looks like this, then you are done. Adblock will now stop most advertisements, including ads on YouTube videos. It will also help prevent a lot of spyware/malware/adware from getting on your computer. 

If you think that Adblock is somehow preventing a page from working correctly, you can disable it on a per-page basis. To do so, click on the ABP red stop sign in the top right of your browser and click on Enabled On This Site. It will change to Disabled for that site only. Note: After 4 years of using this, I have yet to come across a webpage that Adblock prevents from working.

None of this helped me!

If the above does not help, please submit a ticket or call us at 1-866-904-4332.